Ten Steps to take if you want to Leave Medicine

1. Be SPECIFIC about when you want to close the door on Medicine

Are you too vague about when you want to leave the profession. Do you say: ‘I don’t want to do this anymore but I can’t leave yet because of …… or …… (You fill in the blanks.)

If you really want to leave then be practical about it.
Ask your self:
• What do you want to do instead?
• What steps do you need to take in order to do that?
• Can you afford to leave?
It’s not enough to say you want to leave unless you commit to taking the steps towards the life you want instead.

2. Define the MEASURABLE steps you must take before you can give your notice and actually leave Medicine.
Unless you do this how will you know when you are actually ready to take the big step into another world of life after Medicine?

What do you need to find out?
Who can help you with what you want to do?
Do you need to apply for training?
Step by step is the way to actually leave Medicine.

3. Is what you want to do ACHIEVABLE? You are an intelligent person who has a medical degree so your plans for a life after Medicine should be easily achievable by you.
Don’t under or over-estimate what you are capable of achieving. If you are fired with enthusiasm you can succeed in ways you didn’t expect. Find someone to support you on your journey of change. Coaching can help!

Don’t set your goals too low. Ask yourself what your first step is and then take some action each day towards what you want for your life after Medicine.
By taking things step by step you can push yourself further than you thought possible.

4. Are you REALISTIC about what you could do? If you feel lacking in some confidence then start small and gradually increase your expectations about what you can achieve. Your assessment of what is realistic and achievable for you for you will increase as you make changes.

5. Make a plan and TIME when you will do what you decide to do. It is very important for your progress into your life after Medicine to be timed. If there is a date by when you want to have left Medicine then work back from then to take the steps you must take.
Set a date not only for the final goal, the big picture, but also for the intervening steps. If you want to achieve something in a year, what do you have to do in the next six months, next month, next week, today?

6. WRITE IT DOWN Most important and believed to be an important factor in achieving goals is to write your plan and tick off the things as you do them.
There is a story, which may or may not be true, about a bunch of college students who were asked, when they graduated from college, to write down what they wanted to achieve in their lives. It is said that when they were contacted some years later those that had clear goals (SMART goals) were more likely to have achieved them.

Whether this is true or not, keeping a written record of your goals gives you something to refer to and is a way to assess how your life is going and whether you still want the same things as you did years ago. (It’s OK to make changes as you grow and your life changes!)

7. DEFINE YOUR FIRST STEPS CLEARLY. Leaving the medical profession can seem too daunting to even start, so procrastination sets in rapidly. The trick is to break the big goal into smaller and smaller steps. In that way you can whiz through the first few steps very quickly and easily, your confidence and motivation increase and you find the rest of the journey is much easier.

8. KEEP A JOURNAL Do some ‘free writing’ or ‘flow of consciousness writing’ everyday. The best time to do this is either last thing at night or first thing in the morning. The purpose is to free up your mind of its clutter of thoughts. Use this time to write down your thoughts and feelings in a random way. Let your hand write whatever it wants until two to three pages of your journal are filled. Don’t edit what you write and don’t even read it again (You can read it again after several months if you want to just to realise how far you’ve progressed!)

9. DO SOMETHING EACH DAY. However small, however short a time, make sure you so something in relation to the goal you want to achieve. Even five or ten minutes each day will enable you to keep your project in the forefront of your mind.
[monkeytools msnip=”http://memochimp.com/memo.php?u=1270&p=648″]10. CELEBRATE your LIFE AFTER MEDICINE. If you put these tips into practice you will succeed! Decide how you will celebrate your new life as you discover there really is a LIFE AFTER MEDICINE!


Take the Steps to your new life

COACHING enables you to achieve quickly!

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